237 2-4-2 Columbia O27 Lionel Lines

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237 2-4-2 Columbia O27 Lionel Lines.jpg

The 237 2-4-2 Columbia O27 Lionel Lines was available from 1963 until 1966. It has a black plastic boiler with a No. 237-100 plastic motor that has a ribbed bottom and a traction tire on the right rear driving wheel to aid in its pulling power. The motor is controlled by a two position directional unit whose control lever would protrude through the top of the boiler between the two domes. It has a white heat stamped number on the cab and a thick stripe along the running board. It is known to have headed up Sears set No. 9834 that was issued in 1965. Equipped with a head light and a liquid smoke unit, this locomotive was initially released with a wide variety of tenders, none of which have a whistle. It wasn’t until 1966 that Lionel issued this locomotive with the No. 234W Square whistle tender with late AAR trucks. These tenders are what differentiated the No. 238 from this locomotive. The No. 238 was issued in 1963 and 1964 and always came with a whistle tender. Whereas, this locomotive would not have a whistle until it was cataloged as available for separate sale in the final year of production. This locomotive was designed to work on O27 Gauge track and it will also run on O Gauge track


Variation A: Uses a Type VIII body.

Variation B: Uses a Type X body.

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