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The 233 2-4-2 Columbia O27 Lionel Lines was available in 1961 and 1962. Type VIII black painted plastic boiler with white heat-stamped number. It has a plastic motor that is controlled by a two position directional unit whose control lever would protrude through the top of the boiler between the two domes. Equipped with Magnetraction, a head light and a liquid smoke unit, this locomotive came with a No. 233W square tender that has a whistle, and late AAR trucks with one disc coupler. The tender was re-numbered from the No. 243W released in 1960. This locomotive was designed to work on O27 Gauge track, however it will also run on O Gauge track.

The 233 steam engine is one of a series of Scout locomotives used by Lionel in its entry-level 027 market. Collectors and researchers routinely classify any low-priced Lionel steamer with an 0-4-0 or 2-4-2 wheel arrangement as a Scout-type locomotive. Most Scout-type locomotives have few quality features, very little power and struggle to even pull a load of three or four light freight cars. Two catalogued sets and a staggering 18 uncatalogued sets between 1961 and 1963 were headed up by the 233 steamer! Of those sets, one outfit in particular is noteworthy: the final uncatalogued 233 set from 1963 (outfit #19233) marked the final appearance of the popular 6501 Jet Motorboat Flatcar. The 233 steam locomotive included the following characteristics: plastic boiler painted black, white lettering, two-position E-unit, liquid smoke unit, dual magnets for improved Magnetraction, a single metal drive rod on each side and an illuminated headlight with headlight lens. The 233 was produced with only one tender -- the 233W. The functional whistling tender represented an upgrade as compared to most Scout locomotives which commonly included a non-whistling tender.


Variation A: All 233s are black with white numbers and include the 233W tender.

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