235 2-4-2 Columbia O27 Lionel Lines

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235 2-4-2 Columbia O27 Lionel Lines 3.jpg

The 235 2-4-2 Columbia O27 Lionel Lines was issued uncatalogued in 1961. Produced on a painted black Type VIII body with a white heat-stamped number on the cab, it came with a liquid smoke unit. This locomotive was lighted, and has a headlight lens. It was powered by a plastic motor that was controlled by a two position direction unit whose control was located on the top of the boiler between the domes. Tractive effort was aided by a single axle magnet. It came with either a No. 1050T slope back, or a No. 1130T streamlined tender that was equipped with AAR trucks with one disc coupler. This locomotive was designed to work on O27 Gauge track and it will also run on O Gauge track.



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